Residential & Commercial Mold Testing

We inspect, test, and diagnose mold issues for home and business owners in North Carolina and Virginia

Professional Mold Testing Services

For Residential And Commercial Areas

Homeowners, renters, residential, or commercial property managers, real estate agents, brokers, and employees should all call Mold Test Specialists if they suspect or see microbial growth (mold) in a building. Our expert manager is a Certified Master Inspector Environmentalist with many years of experience. All employees are certified, experienced, and held to the highest of industry standards and ensure that protocol is followed throughout the entire process.

Residential and Commercial Mold Testing

How We Work

When we arrive at your property, we do an extensive and complete visual inspection of the exterior and interior, including the roof, basement, or crawl space. Our advice from that point will be that testing should be based upon our findings during that visual inspection. We do not do remediations because we believe it to be a conflict of interest to do both. We have no vested interest in finding mold. We report and show you what we find.

Do You Suspect a Mold Problem?

If you suspect that you have mold in your home or business, we will schedule an appointment in order to inspect for the presence of mold. We will take mold samples that are sent to a certified lab to determine what type of mold you have and to determine whether it is toxic or not. You will be notified of the Lab results and advised if further action is needed. Our goal is to help you protect your health and the health of your family.


Full visual inspection and assessment for the right diagnosis


Samples are sent to a lab to determine the type of mold and its toxicity


Results will be notified and you’ll be advised if further action is needed