ERMI Testing

We inspect, test, and diagnose mold issues for home and business owners in North Carolina and Virginia.

Professional Mold Testing Services


ERMI (environmental relative moldiness index) is a method to calculate the levels and types of mold inside a property. The test is done by collecting a dust sample. The sample is analyzed using mold-specific quantitative polymerase chain reaction (MSQPCR). ERMI uses the analysis of settled dust in homes and buildings to determine the concentrations of the DNA of the different species of molds.

Mold Test Specialists

Why ERMI Test is Necessary?

Mold illness comes from any indoor environment that is damaged by water intrusion. The ERMI test is used to determine levels of mold growth and toxicity in indoor environments. This technology offers several advantages over traditional methods. Accurate fungal detection and identification is possible. We can detect the Mold, whether they are visible or not. The ERMI helps to make an assessment if a home is more or less likely to have “unhealthy” mold conditions.

Do You Suspect a Mold Problem?

If you suspect that you have mold in your home or business, we will schedule an appointment in order to inspect for the presence of mold. We will take mold samples that are sent to a certified lab to determine what type of mold you have and to determine whether it is toxic or not. You will be notified of the Lab results and advised if further action is needed. Our goal is to help you protect your health and the health of your family.


Full visual inspection and assessment for the right diagnosis


Samples are sent to a lab to determine the type of mold and its toxicity


Results will be notified and you’ll be advised if further action is needed